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‘it’s not cold’ said the PE teacher with a coat on

#glad to know it’s international

#’it’s just drizzling’ said the PE teacher opening an umbrella

“running for 20 minutes isn’t that bad”, said the PE teacher from the chair

‘you’ve got to stay healthy’ said the PE teacher eating a mars bar

“Being on your period is no excuse.” said the male PE teacher with no uterus



We found a kitten on the side of the road yesterday. She looked much worse, having scabs over her one eye to the point where she couldn’t open it at all. We took her to the ASPCA, but they were full and couldn’t take any kittens, especially in her condition, they couldn’t risk the other hundred cats to get sick too. We cleaned her up there as best we could, then went off to find a different animal sanctuary. We got lost and decided to just take her home to try and give it rest before trying the next day. We took her to a local pet shop where we bathed her and the groomer said that she has an upper respiratory infection and an eye infection, who knows what else.
There’s hope though! She started walking around and ate a lot between yesterday and today. She has so much love in her. She loves cuddling with me and can’t go to sleep unless she’s on my bed. Reallllllyyyy adorable.
This is a long shot since I don’t have many followers, but I would like to set up a donation to help her. Even with working, I would not be able to help this poor kitten. I’ve called 4 vets, they all said it would be about 600 dollars in total. Please help us out, I’ve fallen in love with this kitty and I just want to see her better, no matter what. 
GoFundMe- http://www.gofundme.com/HelpingScarlet

I’ve raised 20 dollars!!! keep spreading!


okay but why don’t more people talk about Night at the Museum like


poc characters and people being portrayed by poc people


this movie is so good


and it has one of the funniest, best, most ridiculous friendships in movie history


and you have Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt I mean


and if all that didn’t convince you there’s also a t-Rex skeleton that plays fetch with one of its own ribs