Cas, buddy, I need you

Ineta, 19, Latvia, Feminist, gay right supporter, activist, human being, actress to-be, sarcasm queen, Lucifer's daughter, Queen of Hell, human being to-be.

TV: Supernatural [OTP - Destiel, BrOTP - Dean x Charlie, Sam x Castiel], Hannibal [Will x Hannibal], Spartacus [ OTP - Nagron, Saxa x Gannicus, Naevia x Crixus, BrOTP - Agron x Spartacus], Game of Thrones [ Renly x Loras, Arya x Gendry, Brienne x Jaime, Sansa x Tyrion Sherlock [ Johnlock], The Following [Paul x Jacob], Teen Wolf [ OTP - Sterek, Isaac x Scott, Jackson x Lydia, BrOTP - Jackson x Dany]

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Comic Book Readers
orkin 1947

what’s this?
Little girls read comics from the very beginning of their incarnation??

“Girl reading comic book in newsstand” by Teenie Harris (c. 1940-1945) © 2006 Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh

That sound you hear is thousands of wangsting sexist fanboys shrieking in horror.
Suck it.

I don’t know, so much of women’s femininity is tied up with their hair.